Valley Metal Works’ Custom Tooling Elevates a Machine Builder to Preferred Supplier Status

Single flattened metal tube
Valley Metal Works’ Custom Tooling Elevates a Machine Builder to Preferred Supplier Status

Summary: Valley Metal Works collaborated with a machine building company in a roller coaster vehicle project, solving a challenging component issue related to flattening steel pipes. By custom-designing in-house tooling and applying high standards of design and certification, Valley Metal Works aided the customer in becoming the preferred supplier for these specialized parts.

Industry: Amusement Park Ride Manufacturing, Machine Building
Category: Custom Tooling and Part Fabrication
Processes: Custom Tool Design, Press Brake Operations, Welding

A machine building company specializing in roller coaster vehicles found themselves grappling with a critical hurdle: they needed to source a very specific part that could flatten steel pipes. With the project’s complexity and the industry’s rigorous safety standards, this was no simple task.

Valley Metal Works took on this challenge head-on. We engaged in deep collaboration with all the companies involved to truly understand the unique specifications and quality requirements. Leaning on our in-house expertise, we custom-designed tooling that was utilized alongside our press brake machinery.

The tooling was engineered to not only flatten pipes but also to maintain dimensions that were critical for the end application. This project also required a D1.1 welding certification, which we were able to meet owing to our high standards in design, fabrication, inspection, and qualification.

The outcome was a resounding success. After the first round of production, our client was not just able to meet the project specifications but also distinguished themselves to earn a long-term position as the preferred supplier for these particular parts.

By meeting the stringent requirements of the D1.1 welding certification, we further underscored our commitment to excellence. The high standards we upheld throughout the manufacturing process were pivotal in the achievement of this milestone.

Valley Metal Works continues to prove that when it comes to problem-solving, collaboration, and meeting high industry standards, we are second to none. This project serves as another testament to our capacity to elevate our clients to new heights in their respective industries.

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