Valley Metal Works Slashes Lead Times in Half for a Multi-Industry OEM

Centrifuge housings
Valley Metal Works Slashes Lead Times in Half for a Multi-Industry OEM

Summary: Valley Metal Works partnered with an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) serving the mining, chemical, and food processing industries. The OEM was grappling with the challenge of surging demand and needed to reduce lead times urgently. By offering design consultation, streamlining the production of large centrifuge shells, and proactively managing inventory, Valley Metal Works slashed the client’s manufacturing timeline from 12-14 weeks to just 5-6 weeks, enabling them to meet their heightened production requirements.

Industry: Mining, Chemical, Food Processing
Category: Custom Metal Fabrication and Design Consultation
Processes: Welding, Metal Fabrication, Inventory Management, Design Optimization

Our client, an OEM specializing in machinery for the mining, chemical, and food processing sectors, found themselves in a pinch. A surge in demand was a good problem to have, but it also meant they had to hustle to meet increasingly tight production schedules. Conventional lead times ranged from 12-14 weeks, which was not feasible if they were to satisfy their growing customer base.

Recognizing the urgency of the situation, our team of experts at Valley Metal Works swung into action. We initiated a consultation phase to thoroughly understand the client’s pain points and production intricacies. Our experience in metal fabrication and design allowed us to identify key concerns and suggest optimizations.

We designed and created a specialized shell for large centrifuges that would be used in coal processing. But our support didn’t stop there. To further expedite production, we negotiated agreements for the purchase of long-lead parts and stock. Additionally, we worked ahead of schedule on key sub-assembly components, ensuring they were ready for integration when needed.

The numbers spoke volumes. By leveraging our capabilities and streamlining multiple aspects of the client’s manufacturing process, we reduced their manufacturing timeline dramatically from 12-14 weeks to a mere 5-6 weeks. This not only helped them keep pace with demand but also gave them a competitive edge in their respective markets.

Our status as a corporate member of the American Welding Society underscored our commitment to quality. The high standards we maintain in welding and fabrication were instrumental in the success of this project.

The story of this collaboration exemplifies the potential of what a well-planned and executed partnership can achieve, even under the most demanding circumstances. At Valley Metal Works, we don’t just meet expectations; we exceed them.

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