Valley Metal Works Helps OEM Reduce Lead Time

Centrifuge housings
Valley Metal Works Helps OEM Reduce Lead Time

An OEM serving the mining, chemical and food processing industries reached out to us while they were experiencing a rapid increase of demand on their family of machines. They needed to reduce lead times in order to keep up with production requirements.

Valley Metal Works was able to consult with the company, identify key concerns, and create a shell for a large centrifuge to be used in coal processing. In addition to that, we negotiated agreements to buy long lead parts and stock, and worked ahead of time on key sub-assembly parts to be used later.

We were able to successfully cut down our client’s manufacturing timeline from 12-14 weeks to 5-6 weeks.

Valley Metal Works is a corporate member of the American Welding Society. Our accuracy, quality, and high standards of welding were key in the completion of this project.

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