Valley Metal Works Creates Mall Kiosk Custom Awning

Finished fabricated metal canopy for Starbucks
Valley Metal Works Creates Mall Kiosk Custom Awning

A store fixture manufacturer required a custom awning for a food kiosk inside of a mall. The vendor needed assistance because their standard product would not work for this particular application.

The Valley Metal Works engineering team helped to design a similar-looking apparatus that was reworked to accommodate the requirements of the existing structure and space.

We were able to successfully fabricate the awning that the end client needed, which helped the retail display manufacturer to solidify their working relationship with the large international chain.

Many fabrication shops are okay doing the bare minimum for their customers and do not invest enough time and resources up front to ensure the end product will fit seamlessly into existing frameworks.

Valley Metal Works has a long history of working closely with our customers to understand potential complications ahead of time, and then avoid them before they become problems. We’re able to reduce lead time and streamline the entire production process this way, and create a smooth experience for you—our client—and for your own professional connections.

We care about quality so products keep working and businesses can continue to operate and grow.

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